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Beach Hair, Don’t Care

Beach waves. One of the many trial and error hair styles for women with all hair types.

We all love them. They’re cute, pretty, they look flawless (HA!), and an easy hair style (also, HA!).

Nope, I’m lying about half of that… mostly the latter. Let’s be honest here, us women have a serious love/hate relationship with beach waves. We want them, but we really just want and envy the ones that Blake Lively has, and without a curling iron. Not usually something attainable for us “normal” folks.

This = NO
      This = YES

I’ve seriously tried about 10+ different beach wave sprays, all a complete and utter fail. A few off hand I can think of: Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe, Redken’s Beach Envy, Bumble + Bumble, and even Lush Sea Spray Mist (only good for their bath bombs, just sayin’). I was over it. I was tired of looking like a frizzy skank-y mess every time I attempted beach waves. Because let’s face it, I’m wayyyy too lazy to use a curling iron.

This was my feeling on the issue, until………. Posh’s Beach Hair, Don’t Care (click here), came out to join the big leagues! Honestly, I hesitated to try it, but I remembered that Posh has had my back 99.9% of the time, so, I had to at least give it the benefit of the doubt and take the plunge.

Fact: I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, I was down-right impressed. Hands down, the best beach wave spray I have ever used. While the pictures I have #1 aren’t that great, because (once again, que laziness) I didn’t take the proper picture I wanted the day I wore them, they’re still better than any picture I would have taken with the above mentioned brands.

Top 5 Reasons I Will Love Beach Hair, Don’t Care FOREVER

  1. Minimal frizz… as in, the least amount of frizz I’ve ever encountered with a beach wave spray.
  2. Texture of wave… more Blake Lively, less random chick from Google.
  3. Non-stick… it actually wasn’t sticky on my hands, and didn’t leave a nasty residue on my sink.
  4. Scent… loving the scent. Has a true beachy scent, sort of tropical.
  5. Non-greasy… no, greasy feeling and sticky feeling are not the same. Some sprays I’ve tried in the past have given me greasy roots, this does not. I spray it under some hair at the top of my head, a few inches from my roots, and it gives a nice volume/lift to my roots.



I know, I know… I’m demonstrating using a Snapchat filtered photo, lol! It’s all I had. However, I really do think you can see the legit-ness of my ‘Blake Lively Would Be Proud’ beach waves. Because… Beach Hair, Don’t Care.

If you want to check out this top notch beach wave spray direct yourself right on over here. This is the feature of the week, for $15 (typically $16) until 3/12/17, around 9:59 AM CT.

Thanks, for listening to my rants.

<3 The Posh Nutritionist

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