Spring Semester Commences

And, so.. it begins..

Who is a struggling college student? This girl. Yep, that’s who. Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester for me, and I have to say that from where I’m sitting, it’s looking pretty intimidating. I’m over here in my mini pity party, trying to lay out how I’m going to stay on top of things, before they get on top of me! Last semester, I failed myself. I took on too much, and I paid the price. This semester, I’m forcing myself to come in with a new outlook! (Hopefully)

Well, you might be thinking, this is a fine and dandy plan, but how are you going to execute it?
I’m probably one of the most unorganized people in the world, so my execution plan is to get organized (HA)! No, but, really. I’ve invested in a planner, getting a head start on looking into the class dates and deadlines, working on scheduling time for specific activities, outlining the semester events, getting menu planning and meal prepping down, staying consistent on the laundry 😉 , finding time to exercise, and hang out with the fam bam. It’s going to be extremely challenging, but I’m confident I can make this commitment and succeed!

Planner I’m using:
The Boss Planner

“The Boss Planner is a goal setting guide with a ‘get sh*t done’ attitude.”

This planner is designed to help kick procrastination in the butt (other word may or may not be used in the planner, lol)!
It has space for doodles, monthly goals, lists to forget and not to forget (and they are perforated so you can take them out!), space under each day for ‘to do’ and ‘schedule’ (to give you that little/big picture feel), as well as motivational sayings and STICKERS (yes, I said stickers)!! Plus, the girl who created The Boss Planner, Meghan, is awesome. You’ve got to at least check out her site.

Honestly, right now I’m using a handy-dandy, 6-color function, Lisa Frank pen. Pretty sure I got this at either Target, or the Dollar Tree. It’s awesome, and I highly suggest investing in one. 😉 I linked one to Amazon, but it’s too pricey, in my opinion.

Bic’s Bright Liner, fluorescent highlighter. I personally like these highlighters, but I’m sure any highlighter would be fine.

So far, I’ve made it through this week’s menu, and my planner + supplies. Next week I’ll post my layout (I’ll apologize now for my horrid handwriting) for my week, and how I’m working on managing time better.

Stay tuned for all the other updates in my ‘fine and dandy’ plan!  I hope they’ll eventually help someone else in my situation, and suggestions are always welcomed!


  1. DEBBY

    Cool…I need one!
    And I am going to order somethings from you!
    Did you get the Boss Planner on line or at a store?

    1. Hey! I got it online at The pink word is actually a link to the site. I’m currently debating on switching to the Happy Planner by Create 365. Just because it has more room, and I need that for my school schedule. Thanks for reading!

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