Spring Semester Commences

And, so.. it begins.. Who is a struggling college student? This girl. Yep, that’s who. Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester for me, and I have to say that from where I’m sitting, it’s looking pretty intimidating. I’m over here in my mini pity party, trying to lay out how I’m going to stay on top of …

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The Perfectly Posh Nutritionist

What Are These Perks You Speak Of?

Perks are the amazing little, yet powerful, points that get you FREE POSH! There really aren’t many things better than that! 😉 This is the wonderful rewards program laid out by Perfectly Posh as a way to thank our Poshers for choosing the best in the world of pampering.

So, how can you start earning Perks?
Simple, CLICK HERE to create an online account, and automatically get 250 Perks (that’s $2.50 in value). You will receive 10 Perks for every $1 that you spend through Posh, 500 ($5) for your birthday month, and 500 ($5) if you purchase for three consecutive months! You can even share products from your Perks dashboard through your social media accounts, and earn MORE Perks when they buy! You could hold a Posh Party, and earn Perks on every order placed in your event! Not to mention, there are featured products each week, as well as other specials, where products will be worth even MORE Perks!

How can I use Perks?
Save your Perks to buy full sized products, samples, catalogs, and other limited edition, exclusive pampering products! During checkout, there will be an option to use your Perks for an order! It is always best to save your Perks to until you can redeem for a full product, otherwise you’re just cheating yourself. Oh, and if you’re a consultant, you can use your Perk points in the Posh Portal to get swag and other business tools!

Another great bonus: Perks, almost never expire! The biggest exception is that you have to use your 500 birthday Perks within your birthday month, but isn’t that the perfect time to pamper yourself?

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